Valsatech Solutions Improving Customer Value Partners QMARS Platform

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Valsatech recently offered its solutions to Customer Value Partners (CVP), a consultancy for information technology and business strategy that assists clients in the public and private sectors. CVP assists clients in multiple sectors, including the national, public and health care sectors. The company helps those clients reach their goals via practical applications of emergent technology, boosting business efficiency and workforce optimization. CVP offers experience-based solutions that span cybersecurity, agile systems integration, training and strategic communication and performance transformation and analytics. CVP chose to take advantage of Valsatech's experience to ensure seamless operation of its products and offerings for all clients. To further get a feeling for CVP and why it chose to work with Valsatech for a solution, consider that CVP works to provide innovative solutions and strategies that let its clients make quick decisions for faster innovation. To speed up the services CVP offers its clients, the company requires greater automation.

What was the challenge being faced prior to using your product or service?

CVP used a QMARS Pega-based application platform and contracted Valsatech to maximize its compatibility and scalability. At the same time, it also searched for a solution to overcome the regression resource issues that the in-house team was dealing with. The lack of solutions in that area was preventing the CVP in-house team from boosting performance and shifting toward new integration. CVP let Valsatech know about specific requirements for its products, including ensuring that the in-house team would not have to overcome vast quantities of regression testing, which was preventing it from completing other important work. CVP also needed Valsatech to ensure that the QMARS Pega-based application included workflow automations for various modules. This would allow it to cover the maximum number of regression tests, freeing up the in-house staff's time. The client, CVP, also required a framework based on the Selenium WebDriver, as well as test scripts for automating the various QMARS Pega application workflows. The need for automation from the Valsatech solution also extended to CMS multi-factor authentication security system, with the automation allowing for seamless identity verification. CVP additionally required a solution that would perform accessibility testing automatically, using the accessbot for various rule sets on the QMARS Pega application. Finally, CVP needed to identify the key compliance issues related to accessibility that the accessbot on the Pega application had reported. This identification needed to include recommendations that were based on report analyses.

What solution was offered to address the problem?

The Valsatech team of senior technical specialists worked hard to develop a comprehensive solution to overcome the challenges that CVP faced. The solution included both software and hardware platforms. It addressed non-functional as well as functional requirements, making the scalability and compatibility of the application a priority. To create the solution, Valsatech leveraged cross-platform solutions for scalability and cross-platform solution methodology. Valsatech Corp deployed the solution following its automation development model. This process included testing frameworks that were newly redesigned, so they could deliver optimal results and have an agile delivery methodology. Valsatech's solution also included creating test automation frameworks that were maintainable and reusable, including compatibility with acessbot RESTful APIs and Selenium WebDriver. Overall, the technical specialists and the testers at Valsatech worked with the client carefully to propose multiple solutions that would lead to the desired results. One of these was implementing an automation-as-workflow methodology that would cover infrastructure, scripting and test planning. Another suggested solution was the creation of automated end-to-end workflows for the unique modules within an application. Valsatech also proposed using the Sikuli tool and Java libraries with automation framework, as a way to automate the MFA requirement. Specifically, this proposal would programmatically automate the capturing of the MFA security code. The Valsatech technicians worked with the developer to configure the relevant MFA security systems with assistance from a VIP access security token. The team used a specific piece of code to launch the VIP access runtime and then to copy the security code from the VIP access via Sikuli Java libraries. There were also several other MFA options Valsatech presented. The company proposed using the Selenium WebDriver with multi-factor authentication via SMS, a method that is incredibly popular in other organizations. The company also proposed something similar but using email validation that took advantage of disposable email addresses. Valsatech's senior technicians also proposed generating and sharing accessibility violation reports and comparative reports between rulesets, along with providing recommendations. A final proposition was to transition to the CI-CD DevOps ready process from the traditional testing process. This switch would allow CVP to identify the bugs in its application early during the development cycle. It would also allow CVP to perform a compliance check at this early stage.

What was the outcome upon implementing the solution? The solution from Valsatech was a hybrid automation solution. It allowed CVP's in-house staff time to spend less effort and time on their regression testing activities. This allowed the client to instead focus its attention on other activities more crucial to its core services.

CVP also experienced a significant increase in the speed at which they could understand issues. This allows for earlier resolution of any identified issues, saving the company time as well as money. The solution from Valsatech allows CVP to take advantage of continuous accessibility compliance checking for its application. This reduces the risk of being surprised by a failed test and maximizes the time that CVP has to address any compliance issues that arise. The Valsatech solution additionally allowed CVP to deploy open-source tools that are user-friendly. This allows for more intuitive use of the tools, saving all parties time spent on training and helping CVP's bottom line. Finally, the solution allowed CVP to enjoy maximum compatibility between the software and hardware devices, and vice versa. The result was that Valsatech met all the requirements of Customer Value Partners. Thanks to the efforts of Valsatech, the new hybrid automation solution allowed CVP to automate various processes, including regression testing and multi-factor authentication. CVP was satisfied with the results of working with Valsatech.

Part of larger offerings

The services that Valsatech provided to CVP are part of the company's larger offerings. Valsatech Corp has more than a decade of experience with testing and independent quality assurance. The company's experienced testers played a significant role in the work for Customer Value Partners, by ensuring that the hybrid automation solution worked as designed. Valsatech's reputation for testing allowed CVP to hire the company with confidence and allowed it to have similar confidence in the solution Valsatech provided. The solution that Valsatech provided for CVP fits with the mission to provide cost-effective, concise and high-quality IT services and solutions. It took advantage of the experience of Valsatech Corp.'s team, including in the areas of business and technology. Most of Valsatech's offerings focus on software and hardware testing. In the case of the services for CVP, the focus was regression testing, multi-factor authentication testing and testing for compliance issues. Valsatech's work shows that its senior technicians and testers can easily integrate those testing services with other solutions, such as those for automation.

Working with client needs

The QMARS case study of the solutions that Valsatech Corp. created for Customer Value Partners perfectly demonstrates the adaptability of Valsatech's services and the way the company offers personalization for the needs of each client. Valsatech understands that every client has slightly different needs, which is why its technicians work closely with each client to determine requirements. As with its solutions for CVP, Valsatech always offers proposals to overcome the challenges that clients face before working to overcome them. This allows Valsatech to ensure that its technicians are on the same page as the clients, maximizing the chances of a successful solution that all parties are satisfied with. This case study also demonstrates that Valsatech's technicians can integrate multiple goals into their solution at the same time. In the case of CVP, Valsatech helped the client confirm maximum compatibility and scalability while also addressing the concerns related to regression resource issues.

Summary: scalable solution

Customer Value Partners offers consultancy services for information technology and business strategy, working with clients in the public and private sector, including national security and health care. The company needed a solution that could ensure the solutions that it offers its clients are scalable and compatible. It also needed to ensure the solution minimized the resource consumption associated with regression testing. CVP approached Valsatech to create a solution that would encompass all these factors. Valsatech Corp's technicians and testers created several proposed solutions, then worked with CVP to minimize the effort required for regression testing, continuously check for accessibility compliance and maximize compatibility. CVP was fully satisfied with the solutions that Valsatech Corp created since it fully addressed the issues CVP previously faced.