The Accessbot Browser Extension Can Keep You in Compliance

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Whether you run a healthcare facility, a bank, a school or a government agency, you want everyone to have equal access to your website and other pertinent information. Fortunately, the Accessbot Browser Extension can help you address Section 508 compliance with a user-friendly diagnostic and repair dashboard, as well as many other features. Best of all, the plug-in for Accessbot is free.

A better way of Section 508 testing

RioGlobal has developed an easy and convenient method to ensure that your website and its content remain Section 508 compliant, regardless of how many changes you make. In fact, you can scan uploaded documents before they are even added to your page. As a result, you'll know that you are reaching 100% of your potential client base, rather than ignoring one in four of your clients who are living with a disability covered by these regulations. More importantly, you will know that you are guiding your company in the right direction by being as inclusive as possible with all of your communications.

How the Accessbot Browser Extension works

The Accessbot plug-in is available for free on the Chrome Web Store. Click here to download the Accessbot Browser extension. Once the Accessbot plug-in is installed, its icon appears at the top right corner of your browser. Open any web page using the development tools and navigate to the Accessbot dashboard. Accessbot will then complete its Section 508 diagnostic run of your selected web page, and the dashboard will return your results in easy-to-interpret graphics. features

The Accessbot dashboard is one of its most powerful features as it allows you to gain a complete overview of your company's 508 compliance. Equally powerful is the Accessbot plug-in's Fix Errors capability. Select the Fix Errors function to view a split screen containing a breakdown of each violation. The left side shows your website's compliance errors in order of decreasing severity. When you select a specific violation, Accessbot presents a suggestion for fixing the error at the top right of the screen. It also provides the HTML and issue tag of that error. You can view the violation in a few different ways. Click the Highlight Element button to see the error as it appears on your web site. This will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the violation and how it may negatively affect readers. You can also click the Inspect Node button to view the code section of the error. The developers of the Accessbot Browser Extension are also working on new features like enabling the user to download its findings so that they can view the errors via a report. For additional information about our new Accessbot Browser Extension, please visit our website or contact us today. We would be happy to provide a quote or schedule a demo!

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