Introducing Next-Gen Accessibility Testing Dashboard

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RioGlobal has long endeavoured to create a world free of boundaries, where physical limitations do not impede an individual's potential. To this end, we have developed Accessbot, a revolutionary tool for accessibility compliance. Boasting an extensive array of features and a user-friendly interface, Accessbot has demonstrated its efficacy. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Accessbot’s new dashboard. Built in collaboration with CXscore, this dashboard is a one-stop solution for users to check for web compliance across all their projects.

What this dashboard offers?

The dashboard provides users with a comprehensive overview of their website’s accessibility status, including a summary of the number of issues found, the severity of the issues, and the number of pages tested. It also provides detailed information about each issue, including the source code, the type of issue, and the recommended remediation.

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The platform offers a range of features to help users test and diagnose accessibility issues.

Axe-Core Rules: With Accessbot's new Dashboard, users can quickly and easily view all Axe-core rules, including rules for WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 on levels A and AA, as well as best practices. This helps users to identify accessible practices quickly and easily.

Report Generator: Accessbot's Dashboard features a report generator that automatically generates accessibility reports. This report generator provides users with a detailed overview of their website's accessibility issues, allowing them to easily identify where improvements are needed.

Project-Based Setup: The dashboard provides project-based monitoring, allowing users to easily monitor multiple websites and keep track of their progress in one centralized location.

Role-Based Access: Project heads can assign different roles to different users, allowing them to access certain features based on their role. This feature is especially useful for teams or organizations who wish to exercise granular control over a user’s access list.

User-Friendly Design: Accessbot's new dashboard has a brand new look with sleek and elegant design. This makes it easy for users to quickly monitor their website's compliance status, and it looks great too!

Apart from these key features, the dashboard comes equipped with a powerful filtering system, allowing users to quickly and easily identify and prioritize the most important issues. This makes it easier to focus on the most critical accessibility issues first and to quickly identify and fix any issues that may be impeding a WCAG-compliant web experience.

The dashboard also provides users with a comprehensive overview of their scans, including the number of violations, the severity of the violations, and the number of pages scanned. It also keeps track of the historical data and provides a comparative analysis of scans carried out over a period of time. This feature is especially useful for teams or organizations who want to keep track of a website's progress over time.

We are confident that Accessbot’s new dashboard will help users quickly and accurately identify and fix accessibility issues on their websites. With this new dashboard, users can now easily keep track of their scans and ensure their websites are compliant with the latest accessibility standards.

We invite you to try out Accessbot’s new dashboard and experience the power of automated accessibility testing.