Automatic 508 Compliance Testing: Three months of work in 10 seconds

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Section 508 compliance is mandatory across state and local governments, as well as public and private sectors including healthcare, educational institutions, IT product companies and non-profit organizations. Essentially, you must test your websites and applications to ensure people of all abilities can sufficiently access your site. Traditional manual testing takes an average of three months to identify compliance requirements per 100 pages. Since 61 million Americans live with disabilities that fall under Section 508, it is necessary to test your site as quickly and accurately as possible so that everyone can access it easily. Fortunately, Rio Global has created the automated solution that can test the same 100 pages of content in 10 seconds instead of three months. As such, you can ensure that your organization provides adequate accessibility and can easily comply with updated laws as needed.

How it works is fast and powerful. It scans the website or app through a series of customizable rules engines with either an on-demand or scheduled scan. After reviewing the site, creates graphs and reports in a dynamic dashboard. Within seconds, you know where barriers exist in compliance as well as their severity. For example, your webpage may have a link that connects back to indiscernible text. The report maps out where the error is located, identifies and explains the barrier, and automates the correction. Any compliance issues that are not able to be fixed automatically then have patches created to cover the gap. Ultimately, addresses the biggest industry challenges. It reduces costs by removing the need for manual auditing, and it identifies and corrects errors throughout the development phases of the project. The application programming interface (API) also allows integration between the modern development environment to run tests with continuous integration. Additionally, is updated to constantly improve user interface and experience design on peripherals or mobile devices to ensure the effectiveness of the compatibility solutions.

Couple automation with accessibility consulting

Rio Global goes beyond simply automating compliance audits. We also offer a range of accessibility tools to fix areas that are missed by the platform. Here are a few of the areas where you will benefit:

  • Screen readers and other accessibility tools: Our experts ensure that the translation of content across assistive devices maintains the integrity of the original view and that nothing is cut out. - Universal accessibility icon: Your pages and apps will display the icon to show that you are compliant. - Audit reports: You will receive a complete assessment of any rule or violation including web content accessibility guidelines. - Additional tools: As recognition of the need for disability access grows, more tools can be added to make your web content user friendly. These include color inversion for color blindness or vision contrast disability.

Get started today is quick, adaptable and cost-effective. It can even be accessed via the cloud or within your infrastructure for added flexibility. The RESTful API offers intuitive information that doesn't require developers to utilize the platform, but the API is there for developers if needed. Contact Rio Global today to learn more about how you can improve your 508 compliance testing time. Ask about our free trial of so you can see the product in action.