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In our attempt to create a world without boundaries, a world that doesn’t judge a person's abilities by their physical or mental limitations, which realizes how important it is to be inclusive of differently abled people, RioGlobal created Accessbot. Had it not been for products like Accessbot, we would be losing on so many valuable ideas from several people who couldn’t use a particular product due to a lack of accessibility features. With its wide array of features and user-friendly interface, our product Accessbot has proved itself to be revolutionary in the field of accessibility compliance. With an aim to further this goal, we are proud to introduce the Accessbot Browser extension, a chrome plugin that assists in accessibility checking. Accessbot Browser Extension is a DevTools extension that helps developers, testers, and designers find potential accessibility problems with their web applications.

Accessbot browser extension is tailored to check if your website meets 508 standards and WCAG Compliance rules. It is powered by the world’s most trusted accessibility testing engine, Axe. Accessbot performs diagnostic testing, checks for violations, and produces a statistical and an easy to understand report. Accessbot aims to help companies identify gaps in the websites they deploy to ensure a hassle-free and uniform web experience for every user.

At RioGlobal, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with an incredible user experience across all our products. Like our website,, the Accessbot browser extension also comes with an elegant yet powerful interface to provide our users with the best options to fulfill their requirements. Finding one’s way around this extension is a piece of cake. The intuitiveness of the product just makes one work with it. Here’s a short tutorial to get you up and running with Accessbot Browser Extension.

• Click here to install the Accessbot extension from the Chrome Web Store.

• After the installation is complete, open Chrome Developer Tools from the browser menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I.

• Click on the Accessbot tab in the developer tools toolbar.

• Scan your webpage with the click of just one button.

• Obtain reports, filter your results and perform many other tasks by interacting with our easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

• Scan as many pages as you’d while taking full advantage of features like highlighting and other visual feedback, remediation, suggestions, and much more!

Watch this video to see how our product works!

For the sake of our more inquisitive readers, let’s take a deep dive and understand how our product works. Accessbot is driven by a fast, secure, and lightweight accessibility testing engine, Axe. It offers a set of rules called, Axe-core rules. Axe- core rules comprise of different types of rules, for WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 on level A and AA, as well as several best practices that help a developer, designer, or a tester to identify common accessibility practices. Axe-core enables us to find up to 57% of WCAG issues automatically! Accessbot also provides suggestions for issues it could not be certain about and recommends the user to undertake manual reviewing. With the push of just one button, Accessbot allows the user to drill down into each issue, inspect the source of the problem, and leverage extensive free remediation guidance to fix it quickly and accurately.

Along with endorsing good development practices, the Accessbot browser extension will undoubtedly help many brands and companies identify gaps in the websites they deploy to ensure a hassle-free and uniform web experience for every individual.


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