Accessbot- a tool to enhance user experience!

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Accessibility drives traffic and growth in technology. That's a proven trend in technology.

Our goal to build a boundaryless world has witnessed tremendous success in the last decade, all thanks to the internet. But one must not forget, this progress is futile if every citizen of the world, irrespective of their shortcomings, is not able to make good use of it. We evolve as a society and must ensure inclusivity. Therefore, we at RioGlobal are stern followers of the “Leave no one behind” mission and ensure that differently-abled individuals deserve to be able to access a website in the same way any other person would.

Realizing the importance and the gravity of this cause, governments around the world mandate an accessible web experience for regulated industries, and one can be penalised for non-compliance. Web accessibility plays a significant role in both improving user experience and also for brands to improve their image and attain new opportunities, thus propelling us to become a more inclusive world, all marching towards a path to development and success.

Have you ever come across a website that didn’t work quite as you predicted it to? Did a form ever leave you confused on how to fill it? Ever witnessed low color contrast between text and backgrounds of web pages that you visit? If anything remotely resembling the aforementioned has ever happened to you, you have also had fallen prey to a website with poor accessibility. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 1 in 4 adults in America live with a disability. Whether that disability relates to hearing, vision, or comprehension, companies throughout the country are noticing the fact that their products and services are not as accessible to these individuals as they should be.

The perfect example of accessibility is if you can use your site without looking at it. If you take a tumble playing ball and find yourself with your dominant arm in a sling for seven weeks, any website that is keyboard-friendly will be your best friend. Blindness is also a whole spectrum, from people who have been blind since birth, to people with limited sight that use a screen reader, to aging users whose eyes aren’t what they used to be. We at RioGlobal have thoroughly analyzed this situation and developed a product- Accessbot whose primary motive is to help companies identify gaps in the websites they deploy to ensure a hassle-free and uniform web experience for every individual.